Soap Saver Bag

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These soap saver bags are game changers and extremely popular at our shop!  The reason why?  They really make a world of a difference prolonging the life of your shampoo or soap bar!

You know how it is...when a bar of soap starts to get small, it becomes hard to handle and oftentimes slips right out of your hand, only to wind up going right down the drain 😥.  That's not fun - especially after you just laid out decent money for your new shampoo or artisan soap bar!

With a soap saver bag, you'll use every last ounce of your soap bar! 

  • the bag helps to generate lather - use only the lather to wash your hair
  • bag has tiny holes which allow the bar to dry out between uses (if your shampoo bar comes in a metal tin, never leave the bar in the tin inside the shower)
  • bag doubles as a gently exfoliating washcloth

These soap saver bags make the perfect gift accompaniment to a beautiful bar of soap or shampoo bar. 

Package free. Compostable.

Washable - wash cold, dry low.

Customer Reviews

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Love my soap bag It really does save on your soap in the shower from melting so very pleased will order again thank you

so handy!!

when i got this, i planned to save it for my scraps of soap that were too small to use effectively, but instead i just put my new bar of soap in it and now i don't have to deal with any wasted soap AND it doubles as a great gentle exfoliator that i can use everyday.

Greatest idea!!

I love the bags. I hang them in my shower and now I can do away with the messy soap dish.