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Help Reduce Millions of Tons of Plastic Waste

Bring your own container or purchase from us and fill up on common household and self care goods. Purchase what you need by the oz. Our tare scale will subtract the weight of your container, so you only pay for the product!

Click on the product to learn more about the ingredients and instructions for use.

port jefferson zero waste shop and refillery no tox life shower steamers bulk

Common Good Concentrated Laundry Detergent: .46 oz

Common Good All Purpose Cleaner: .47 oz

Common Good Dishwashing Soap: .46 oz

Bestowed Essentials Powder Detergent: $5 lb

Laundry Oxidizing Powder (natural whitening): coming soon

Individual Dryer Balls: $3.50 ea

Simple Good Linen / Room Spray: .45 oz

Toilet Bombs: coming soon

Plastic Free Coconut Sponges:

- 1 for $2.75

- 3 for $7.50 (save .25 ea)

- 10 for $22.50 (save .50 ea)

- 15 for $30 (save .75 ea)

Castile Soap: .38 oz

Simple Good Hand Sanitizer:  .83 oz

Tooth Powder: $6 oz

No Tox Life Shower Steamers: $2.50 / ea

Package Free Deodorant: $18 for 3.5 oz cube

Facial Toner: $2 oz

Facial Mask for Brightening Dull Skin: $4 oz

Facial Mask for Oily Skin: $4 oz

port jefferson zero waste shop and refillery - laundry and household bulk goods - simple good