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BULK Package Free Concentrated Laundry Sheets

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Typical liquid laundry detergent is mostly waste, can be toxic, heavy and messy! Liquid detergent contains a staggering 90% water and less than 10% cleaning ingredients. Powder detergent is messy and difficult to measure. Imagine the cost and carbon footprint transporting these detergents across the globe and the impact they have on our planet.

32 sheets will do 64 regular loads and only costs $12.80!

Tear a sheet in half along its perforated edge and throw it in the laundry tub with your clothes. Use a full sheet for only unusually large or stained loads. Works great with any water temperature in any washer (HE or standard). No more plastic jugs and messy liquids. Eco Clean Sheets are plant-based and concentrated laundry detergent for zero waste. No plastic.

This is why we are so happy to stock these MADE IN THE USA 5 ingredient laundry sheets at Simple Good!

Laundry sheets are a really small product, with a really big impact.

  • Plant powered! Made from naturally-derived materials
  • Plastic free
  • Vegan & biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Package Free
  • Lightly scented - linen

Did you know that certain products [laundry powders and sheets] aren’t required to disclose all the ingredients they use, so many products will hide the fact that they contain ingredients they would rather you didn’t know about!

Here's the lowdown on the ingredients:
All-natural, Plant-based enzymes do the work: Decyl glucoside (derived from Coconut), Glycerin, Deionized water, Essential oil, Coconut oil, PVA (Our PVA is plant-based (from coconut, not from petroleum)

Biodegradable, commercial and back-yard compostable.

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Susan B. (East Setauket, US)
Laundry sheets

Encouraging everyone to dump the plastic bottles and use these. Great value per sheet.