The Ultimate Holiday Eco-Friendly Gift Guide During the Pandemic

The Ultimate Holiday Eco-Friendly Gift Guide During the Pandemic | Simple Good
What's the perfect eco-friendly gift guide? Look no further. These products will help the environment and save you trips to the store during a pandemic.

2020 has certainly been a year for the history books, and it's left all of us in need of a little more comfort from our loved ones. Even if you aren't able to visit your friends and family in-person this holiday season, you can still show your love for each other through a good old-fashioned gift exchange.

If you have a hard time figuring out what to get for your parents, grandparents, or that one friend who already has everything, never fear. We've rounded up some of the top presents that are good for your wallet and the planet. What's better, in the spirit of avoiding unnecessary trips to the store, all of the items in this eco-friendly gift guide are available online!

Ready for the easiest holiday shopping ever? Read on for our favorite sustainable gifts to give everyone in your life.

What's the perfect eco-friendly gift guide? Look no further. These products will help the environment and save you trips to the store during a pandemic.

Package-Free Presents for Foodies

Every culinary mastermind knows that buying and storing food are two of the most wasteful parts of cooking. That's why eco-friendly kitchen accessories are some of the best gifts you can give this holiday season.

Give the gift of plastic bag-free grocery shopping with a set of organic cotton produce bags. Not only do they have durable seams and a convenient drawstring, but they're also washable—something we're all glad of these days. You can keep a few of them in the car for shopping and a few in the kitchen to store fruits, veggies, and bulk goods.

Once all that cooking is done, make storage a breeze with some reusable plate and bowl covers. These adorable drawstring covers work as lids on almost any size bowl and can go in the washing machine after use. If your loved one prefers to take their food on the go, throw in a set of reusable cotton snack bags as well.

Zero-Waste Gifts for the Ultimate Cozy Day

There's nothing better during the cold winter months than cuddling up indoors with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, and no blanket is cozier than a chunky-knit merino wool throw. These gorgeous blankets are the ultimate hygge accessory and come in six comforting colors. They're perfect to keep on the couch, an armchair, or even on your bed.

If your loved one prefers to stay cozy while on the move, they'll appreciate a pair of recycled cotton fingerless gloves or mismatched holiday socks. These accessories fight textile waste with style by reusing leftover cotton from the t-shirt manufacturing process. Package them up with a reusable jar full of hot cocoa mix for a tangible way to say "warm winter wishes".

What's the perfect eco-friendly gift guide? Look no further. These products will help the environment and save you trips to the store during a pandemic.

Plastic-Free Supplies for Self-Care

We could all use a little bit of extra self-care after the last twelve months. Thankfully, these cruelty-free vegan gifts make it easy to spend some extra time on yourself without having to worry about your environmental impact.

For the make-up and beauty guru, try a vegan nail polish with a formula that's free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP. As a bonus, it also comes in a fully recyclable bottle. Pair it with a set of reusable organic cotton rounds that are both long-lasting and better for your skin than disposable ones.

For the skincare lover, try putting together a refreshing shower pack. You can include items like a matcha lime exfoliant mask, a jar of mini eucalyptus shower steamers, and a tin of velvety smooth vegan unisex shave soap. Bundle it up in an organic cotton towel and tie it with recycled twine for a thoughtful gift without the waste of wrapping paper.

Low-Waste Gifts for New Parents

New parents love to spoil their little ones, but buying toys and clothes for a growing baby adds up fast. They'll be thrilled to get some adorable, sustainable presents that will last their child for a while.

For those looking to upgrade their nursery decor, a handmade felt sheep mobile may be just the thing. These darling sheep are made from 100% natural, chemical-free wool. There's no cuter way to send an infant or toddler off to dreamland.

If you'd rather contribute to their wardrobe, you can't go wrong with a hand-knit baby bunny sweater made from organic cotton. Its light grey color and hood with bunny ears make it the perfect outfit for family photos. The high-quality material is also durable enough for years of hand-me-downs.

Eco-Friendly Gift for the One With a Sense of Humor

No 2020 gift guide is complete without something that references one of the wackier portions of this already absurd year: toilet paper panic. Back in March and April, store shelves around the globe were wiped clean of this household staple despite no actual shortage in production, creating a false sense of scarcity.

Thankfully, the panic-buying has since calmed down and has turned into a widespread joke. If you have a loved one with a good sense of humor, why not send them a few rolls of tree- and toxin-free toilet paper? Not only will you be filling their holidays with laughter, but you'll also be saving them a trip to the grocery store.

Add These Holiday Eco-Friendly Gifts to Your Shopping List

This year, spread some holiday cheer while helping your loved ones move toward sustainable living. There's nothing like an eco-friendly gift to show your friends and family you care, no matter how far apart you are.

Are you still looking for that perfect present? Head over to the Simple Good zero-waste store and browse our list of best-selling items.