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fair trade coffee brands

Do you drink a cup of joe to wake you up in the morning? 

Obviously, you’re not alone. 

In fact, 64% of Americans (over the age of 18) drink coffee every day! 

Unfortunately, America’s favorite morning beverage has a dark side when it comes to production. But don’t worry, there are fair trade coffee brands that will blow your mind. 

Are you looking to elevate your morning wake up call to some fair trade coffee, but aren’t sure where to look? 

Then this is the article for you! We’ll be breaking down what fair trade means, and the best coffee brands for you to try. 

fair trade coffee brands

What Does “Fair Trade” Mean? 

When it comes to coffee production, unfortunately, many brands have unethical practices. 

The majority of coffee beans are not grown in the United States, they grow best in tropical climates in countries along the equator, such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Latin American countries, and more. 

As the demand for coffee increases, the more at-risk coffee ground farmers are for their human rights to be violated. 

Here are some of the ways coffee farmers are exploited

  • Unfair and unlivable wages to do a large number of coffee farmers
  • Exposure to unsafe working conditions such as polluted water
  • Overworked without hourly limits

However, it’s not all bad news. 

Fair trade coffee is widely available, and purchasing fair trade products is a way to empower local communities. 

All fair trade means is that the company you are purchasing from pays their employees a fair wage and empowers local communities. 

In order to be considered “fair trade,” businesses actually need to get certified by Fair Trade Certified

To get certified, a business needs to abide by rigorous social, economic, and environmental standards set by the association. 

At the core of this movement is the belief that people want to make the right choice, they just need the option to do so. 

The Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands 

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for—the best fair trade coffee brands!

Ground Coffee - Public Goods

This fair trade coffee is a budget-friendly option (only $6.50 for 12 oz) that packs a ton of flavor. 

This particular brand uses a blend of arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Central America. This brand goes the extra mile. Not only is it fair trade, but it is vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural. 

Available online, these fair trade organic ground coffee is too good to pass up. 

best fair trade coffee brands

Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee - Thrive Market

This coffee is a medium roast that is full of nutty flavors, including decadent ones such as dark chocolate, toffee, and caramel. 

It has low acidity with a nice and sweet finish, so it’s perfect for the “non-coffee coffee drinker” in your life. 

This is a budget-friendly option as well, priced at only $7.49 for 12 oz. 

This blend of beans comes from Peru and is roasted in California. Along with being certified fair trade, it is paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, certified organic, and sustainably farmed. 

Equal Exchange Coffee

Equal Exchange is known for its incredible fair trade products. 

This organization sells a wide variety of coffee. Decaf, flavored, organic, you name it! 

Their best blends include their medium roast, full city roast, Vienna roast, and French roast. 

If you want something to snack on while you’re drinking your morning brew, they also offer fair trade cookies and chocolates that you can enjoy. 

Blk & Bold Coffee 

Blk & Bold is a business that not only offers an incredible product, they make a difference. 

This is a black-owned business founded by Pernell and Rod, who wanted to sell fair trade products that weren’t just ethically sourced, but also popular. 

This brand offers a wide range of roasts for both whole bean and ground coffee. 

Another option that’s available in their unique Blk x Blk Farm to Cup Limited Edition Single Origin Coffees. 

If that wasn’t enough to snag your attention, they also offer a wide range of BLK & Bold Steeped Coffee that is freshly ground and then nitro-filled for the maximum flavor profile! 

They are a mission-driven business that donates 5% of all of their proceeds back to youth in both local and national communities. 

This stellar brand is sold widely across the nation at stores like Target, Hyvee, Whole Foods, and Amazon. 

best fair trade coffee brands

Pura Vida Create Good Coffee 

Pura Vida Create Good was actually one of the first organizations out there to start selling fair trade coffee exclusively. 

They go a step further to help communities by donating money to help children’s causes in different communities that are in need.  

Their variety of coffee brands start at an affordable rate of $10.95! Their beans are sourced from countries such as Indonesia, Ethiopia, and countries in Africa, making for unique and delicious brews. 

Café Mam Coffee

This brand is certified organic and has been selling fair trade certified coffee for as far back as 1990. 

What sets this coffee brand apart is that they employ indigenous cooperatives. These cooperatives give ack and provide tons of support to the surrounding native communities. 

Café Mam boasts that a purchase from them supports the following initiatives: 

  • Self-sufficiency and political independence
  • Honoring and healing the earth
  • Education in organic agricultures
  • Child welfare

They just created a new line of featured coffees for just $12 per 12 oz. This featured line consists of their 5 most popular coffees packaged all in sustainable, compostable packaging! 

You can’t go wrong supporting this incredible coffee company. 

Fair Trade Coffee to Wake Up Your Mornings

Now you know the best fair trade coffee brands to buy. 

All of these brands have incredible flavor, but just as importantly, these brands abide by strict ethical standards in order to give their employees fair wages and good working conditions. 

Now you can support a local community while you’re enjoying your morning brew! 

Are you interested in learning more about living a sustainable lifestyle? Check out our blog for more information!