7 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Birthdays

7 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Birthdays | Simple Good
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As the environment becomes a bigger topic throughout the world, 77% of people want to start living more sustainably. This year, you can do your part by looking for gifts that are good for the environment. There are plenty of sustainable options out there to choose from!

Read on to learn about seven great sustainable gift ideas for birthdays.

shower steamers

1. Shower Steamers

Natural shower steamers are one of the best sustainable gift ideas because anyone can use them. No Tox Life makes their steamers with natural ingredients like peppermint, essential oils, clays, and salts. Even the packaging is made sustainably with recyclable glass packaging.

When used in the shower, these vapors provide a better cleansing experience. Up to two can be used in the shower at a time. As the vapor cubes get wet, they release essential oils into the steam.

This gift is versatile because you can create your own facial steamer. All you need to do is put a vapor cube in a bowl of warm water then breathe in the vapors.

2. Refillable Hand Sanitizer

Now more than ever, hand sanitizer is a popular gift. Instead of giving messy gel as a gift, spray hand sanitizer in a refillable container is a better option. Keep your friends and the environment safe with this amazing sustainable gift idea.

non toxic candles

3. Non-Toxic Candles

It may be hard to find gifts for environmental activists, but non-toxic candles make it easier. Everyone loves a good smell swarming through their home.

Queer Company candles are a great brand to buy candles from. Made in NYC, these candles are hand-poured in recyclable and reusable containers. They are made with soy and the company even donates a portion of their profits to a project that aims to protect LGBTQ rights.

These non-toxic candles come in a variety of scents. You can find anything from a coffee shop scent to teak and leather.

reusable tote bag

4. Tote Bags

Everyone goes grocery shopping, so why not give a birthday gift that helps? Plastic bags are bad for the environment. Tote bags are a sustainable option that can actually help keep your fruits fresher for longer than a plastic bag would as about five trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide annually.

However, when looking for a sustainable tote bag, you should opt for something that is not cotton. According to Denmark's Ministry of Environment and Food, plastic bags are better to use than organic cotton tote bags. This is because to have the same environmental footprint as a lightweight plastic bag, they need to get reused thousands of times.

Cotton requires land, water, and fertilizers to grow more. Then it must be harvested, processed, and sent to the market.

When opting for a tote bag as a gift, it may be in your best interest to get one not made of cotton. However, each bag material will have its own impact on the environment. Find out what your sustainable friend cares about most and buy a tote bag according to their answer.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

One of the most popular sustainable gift-giving options is a reusable water bottle. Because there are many materials to choose from that can help the environment, you have more options when you buy this as a birthday gift. For example, stainless steel is a great option but there are also soma glass and bamboo water bottles that help the Earth.

This is great for a loved one who wants to protect the environment, goes to the gym often, or even uses single-use plastic water bottles. You can help them cut down on their plastic use by getting them this gift. Major plus: These water bottles, especially stainless steel, can keep your drink hot or cold for much longer.

6. Travel Straws

Anyone who is paying attention to the environment knows how much plastic gets into the ocean because of human consumption. One of the most popular ways to combat this issue is by using travel straws.

These are reusable straws that are perfect for a birthday gift. They often come in sets so you can have more than one. Your loved one can keep a few at home and a few in their bag so that they can have them with them whenever they need it.

These sets are often inexpensive so you can buy more than one to have enough for any occasion. The stainless steel variety makes them easy to clean and reuse time and time again.

reusable food containers

7. Stainless Food Containers

Stainless food containers are the perfect birthday gift for those who don't have enough home items. Every adult knows how annoying it can be to buy all of your own stuff to fill the home.

These stainless food containers are one of the best sustainable gift ideas because they are easy to clean and help the environment at the same time. They are perfect to store leftover food or use to take lunch to-go.

Another great kitchen item for your sustainable friend is reusable plate and bowl covers. These gifts can help someone cut down on their plastic wrap or foil use. These covers come in different sizes to fit a variety of plates and bowls.

Sustainable Gift Ideas You Can Give

It is essential to take care of the planet because it's the only one we have. When there is a birthday coming up in your life, whether it is a friend's birthday or a family member's birthday, you can help the environment by shopping sustainably. These sustainable gift ideas are just a few options to choose from out of the many items out there.

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