5 Beautiful Smelling Non Toxic Candles You Need for Your House

5 Beautiful Smelling Non Toxic Candles You Need for Your House | Simple Good

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They're an essential addition to most homes and any self-care routine, but did you know that your candles may be quietly causing permanent damage to your health? 

U.S. retail sales of candle products are estimated at over three billion dollars per year. The problem is, most candles, while delicious smelling, are filled with toxic paraffin which can release carcinogenic soot. This can be detrimental to anyone who inhales these fumes, especially those with respiratory problems or other existing health issues. 

But if you're like us and love buying candles, all hope is not lost. There are many non-toxic candles on the market with beautiful smells that are both good for you and the environment.

If you're looking to buy a clean, ethically made, delicious smelling candle, keep reading for our top suggestions. 

The Importance of Buying Non-Toxic Candles

While so many of us look forward to purchasing new candles, many aren't aware why shopping clean is so important. Before you purchase your favorite candle at the start of a new season, be sure to know what's in them and how they might affect your health. 

A 2017 study found that breathing in candle combustion particles was more harmful than breathing in diesel fumes. The typical paraffin wax found in most candles is derived from petroleum and can pollute the air. For a person who lights a candle every day, years of exposure to toxic wax can cause serious health issues like asthma and even cancer. 

Who knew that the candles filling your home with their sweet scents could be so bad for you and the environment? 

Another harmful aspect of traditional candles is their non-eco-friendly materials. With our natural, non-toxic candles, the wax is biodegradable and doesn't hurt the environment. Because of its healthy, clean ingredients, non-toxic candle containers can also be reused safely. 

At Simple Good, we only sell domestic soy candles with reusable and recyclable materials. Our candle supplier, Queer Candle Co., creates beautiful scents with non-toxic, fresh, and authentic ingredients. These candles can be burnt without the worry of harmful effects. 

Whether gifting or keeping for yourself, you can take comfort in knowing that these candles are 100 percent clean for your home and the planet. Another added bonus of our natural candles is that 10 percent of their monthly profits are donated to the Silvia Rivera Law Project, which protects LGBTQ rights.

Here are our top five eco-friendly, organic scents that are a must-have in your home. 

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1. Earth 

One of our favorite scents from our non-toxic candle line is Earth. Perfect for any nature lover, this candle imitates the sweet smells of the outdoors. 

With lilac, jasmine, rose and a hint of rich soil, this candle fills your home with a calming aroma. Topped with pressed lily and hydrangea petals, the Earth candle makes for a beautiful decoration, too. 

The eight-ounce candle can burn for up to 50 hours while the 16-ounce candle can burn up to 100 hours. The eight-ounce tin and 19-ounce jar containers can also be reused later for storage or decoration. What more could a candle lover want?

2. Sage and Cedar 

Another favorite, the Sage and Cedar non-toxic candle is a top choice for those interested in purifying aromatherapy. 

If you like Earthy smells but also want a warm, woody smell, Sage and Cedar is the perfect choice for you. With soft driftwood and earthy undertones, this candle is topped with dried sage leaves.

Sage has been used for generations to cleanse the body, mind, and space around you. This powerful ritual was well established by Native Americans and has been said to even help neutralize dust, pet hair, and mold in the household. Aside from its potential cleansing benefits, sage simply smells delicious. 

3. Orange and Lavender 

Perfect for those bright spring or summer days, the Orange and Lavender candle has a crisp and clean smell. The citrus notes in the Orange and Lavender scent makes for a great candle to burn for cleaning day or for everyday use. 

With citrus scents from dehydrated orange zest and an herbal aroma from the lavender, this candle is one of the freshest and brightest smells available. Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy and has been said to promote calmness and reduce stress and mild pain.

One study also found that after lavender aromatherapy, women experienced a significant improvement in sleep quality. It was also found that lavender aromatherapy can be helpful in treating mild symptoms of anxiety.

The Orange and Lavender candle is available in eight-ounce or 16-ounce containers.

4. Morning Dew

One of the best smells is the scent of damp grass from a light rain in the morning. The Morning Dew candle perfectly embodies this peaceful scent with its relaxing aroma. 

The Morning Dew candle pairs beautifully with the Earth candle with its notes of fresh rain, crisp moss, lavender, and fresh rose. As it is indeed a beautiful smelling candle, it is also pretty to look at. Topped with pink, purple, and green dried sea lavender, it makes for a great decoration. 

For the longest life and best candle burn, we recommend burning the Morning Dew candle for one to three hours at a time. 

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5. Sweet Grapefruit and Mint

Another hand-poured and clean-burning candle, the Sweet Grapefruit and Mint scent is rejuvenating, invigorating, and perfect for self-care routines. Simply run a bath, put on some relaxing music and light the Sweet Grapefruit and Mint candle for the perfect aromatherapy session.

The sweet and citrusy scent is a perfect blend between herbal mint and tangy grapefruit. This candle is also topped with real dehydrated grapefruit for an authentic scent. 

Invest in Clean, Healthy Candles Today

If you love candles, you shouldn't have to sacrifice amazing scents for clean ingredients. There are many organic, healthy candles available that are both good for the environment and your sense of smell.

For some of the best and cleanest scents, check out our full collection of non-toxic candles. Any of these candles can be a perfect addition to your home and can also make for a great gift. 

For questions about any of our sustainable products, contact us.