5 Amazing Non-Toxic, Natural Toys and Gifts for the Organic Baby

organic babyChildren are more sensitive than adults when it comes to toxins and, unfortunately, there are still plenty of baby toys out there that are filled with them.

If you have a baby in your life that you love, clearly you wouldn't want to get them a gift that is unhealthy for them to enjoy! 

Are you shopping for a baby, but don't want to get them toys or gifts filled with chemicals? Do you know what to look for and how to avoid unsafe toys? 

If you're looking for some ideas and want to make sure you get the best-of-the-best natural toys, check out some of the information below.

Choosing the Best Baby Toys

There are a plethora of toys available on the market, so how can you find the options that will work best with the average baby? 

Some of the things that you need to consider before selecting a new toy include:

  • The safety qualities of the toy
  • The developmental level of the baby
  • The toys the baby already has (variety)
  • The stimulation qualities of the toy (why will the baby like it?)
  • The versatility of the toy

When selecting newborn toys, you will choose different things that you would for a toddler or small child. At the same time, you don't want to get the baby a toy that is extremely similar or the same as something they already own and love! 

If you're looking for non-toxic, natural toys to give the baby in your life, you'll want to research brands as well. This will help you know where to turn in the future when you're looking for natural baby toys!

1. Wooden Toys

Wood toys used to be the norm in baby toys, but now, you'll find that many toys are made of plastic or other materials that can be dangerous to babies.

Wooden toys are safe for little ones as long as they are not treated with formaldehyde or painted with lead-based paint. There are other chemicals that wooden toys can be exposed to as well, so knowing where you are getting your toys from is important to avoid toxins.

For babies, toys that don't have small parts or sharp edges are the best way to go.

2. New Clothing or Accessories

While a new baby may not care much about getting clothes as a gift, parents will likely love it! This is especially true if the clothing or accessory items come from a sustainable business.

A cute set of pajamas or a new organic headband could be just the thing that is missing from the baby's wardrobe.

Plus, you'll get to see all of the photos of the baby in their new digs - who wouldn't enjoy that?

natural baby gifts

3. Soft or Plush Toys

When babies are still small, they love toys that are soft because they bring them comfort.

It's also great for parents to know that the toys they are playing with won't hurt them or potentially lose parts like some of the more complicated toys.

As long as the toy is made of high-quality, natural materials that are non-toxic and safe, any soft toy is a great choice as a gift for a baby. 

You can find the most adorable toys out there, like this little felt hedgehog, for the baby in your life. Not only is it special because it is more unique, but it is special because you can tell how much love went into it being handmade. 

4. Books

Babies can't read books on their own, but many parents enjoy reading books to their babies and toddlers.

Books are a good gift for the whole family in this way, so selecting books from your childhood that you loved or even new books that you've heard are great can be fun.

You'll get to remember what you used to love about children's books and maybe even find new authors that the parents will follow as their child grows. 

5. Eco-Friendly Mobile

While toys and clothing are great, decorations can be a wonderful gift as well.

Mobiles are known to be stimulating for babies because they promote brain development and can distract the baby from immediately wanting his or her mom when placed in the crib.

If the baby's nursery is themed, consider getting a mobile that matches it. For example, a dinosaur-themed nursery wouldn't be complete with a dinosaur mobile

Things to Avoid When Looking for Natural Toys

If your goal is to buy non-toxic, natural toys, you should be on the lookout for a few things while browsing.

The first thing to be wary of is plastic toys. While plastic toys can be made of different types of plastic (some of which are safer than others), some of the chemicals in plastic may be dangerous for your child.

You'll also want to avoid toys that have metal accents or trinkets, like play jewelry, because they may contain cadmium, a known carcinogen. 

If a toy smells like chemicals or something non-natural, it's probably got something in it that is best avoided!

Even though something says "BPA free," it may have chemicals in it that are still similar to BPA and can mimic your hormones

Choose Natural Toys for the Organic Baby

Finding the perfect natural toys for the special baby in your life doesn't have to be a chore. There are plenty of great options available, whether you want something fun to play with, something fun to look at, or something fun to wear! 

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